Benhaus is known for providing mining services using the highest safety and mining standards. We recognise the need to provide for the safety and occupational health of all persons directly affected by our activities.

Our objectives are:

  • To consult employees on all aspects of Safety and Occupational Health;

  • To provide employees with information, instruction, training and supervision so they can perform their work safely without risk to health;

  • To actively practice a comprehensive Risk Management Safety Program aimed at continuous improvement of Safety and Occupational Health;

  • To protect property, equipment, materials & natural assets from damage by fires, explosions, pollution, contamination or any other incident;

  • To actively participate in the Environmental Management Program; and

  • To conduct daily safety toolbox meetings.

Commitment, participation and co-operation to and with standards, Codes of Practice, instructions, procedures, and legislation is vital to meet these  objectives. We want a workforce that arrives at work and then returns home  after a productive days’ work, healthy and safely. We thus implemented a comprehensive safety management system, aligned with ISO 45001 and ISO  14001 which is fully compliant with the OHS- and MHS-Acts.

Safety Record

Benhaus’ Safety record has proven to be among the best in the industry due to our dedication and commitment in terms of  continual improvement in all aspects of our organisation. Embarking on a back to basics strategy in 2016 lead to a transparent view of health and safety compliance and results within our organisation in order to address the shortfalls and concerns promptly and accurately.

Low level Incident and Near miss reporting, which are classified under “Minor Incidents”, increased and encouraged employees to deal with the matter immediately to prevent contact or any aggravating circumstances.

The Progressive Lost Time Injury rate is reflected in the table. The PLTI rate as up to end December 2020 is 0.67, this figure is far below industry trend.  Benhaus Mining Services managed to supersede our own benchmarked PLTI rate of 1 by maintaining a rate during the year 2020 of below 1.  We value our employees and their safety as a top priority and we proudly stive to continually achieve and year on year improve our safety statistics by thoroughly analysing, improving and evaluation by the safety Management system.