Who we are

Benhaus strives to deliver a quality service synonymous with the hard rock Opencast Mining Industry in South Africa. It is a private company that is predominantly a contract driven business with contract lives ranging from 2 years to 8 years.

Our main areas of activity include:

The above services are capital intensive requiring our continual investment in heavy equipment including excavators, dump trucks, bulldozers, crushers, etc.

Strict financial management protects us from the effects of a volatile commodity market and we can therefore always deliver on our promises to our customers.

Our Vision & Mission

It is the Vision of Benhaus to grow its Opencast Mining business progressively in South Africa and to diversify into other commodities.

It is the Mission of Benhaus to benefit all the stakeholders in Benhaus by  providing cost-effective services to its customers.

This is achieved through:

partnerships with its customers and never compromising the quality of its  mining services;

rewarding employees for loyalty, diligence and high performance and making their safety paramount;
improving the living standards of the local communities;
Benhaus is committed in the upliftment and training of local communities;
ensuring that all stakeholders are treated fairly; and
ensuring that the shareholders’ investments grow.

The Purpose of Benhaus

To grow our hard rock opencast mining business in South Africa and the  neighbouring territories; and
to diversify further, from our current mining of chromitite, platinum and  limestone as well as coal, into other commodities


building strong foundations through giving attention to our corporate structural matters and the total, overall wellness of our employees;
providing excellent, safe, cost effective and cost efficient services to our customers; and uplifting, training and improving the lives of the local communities
for the benefit of all of our stakeholders.

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