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Benhaus Mining Services

We are a group that sees the pursuit of excellence, in every area of our business, as paramount and essential for the success of every stakeholder.

The story began in 1969 when the original company operated in the transport sector

  • 2021 - The company diversified into the opencast mining of platinum, limestone, gold, copper and dolomite. The company has also started diversifying into the neighbouring territories.

  • 2010 - A new BBBEE strategy was implemented

  • 1997 - The group unbundled leaving Benhaus Mining (Pty) Ltd (originally Benhaus NW) to operate in the opencast mining industry

  • 1994 - The group commenced with opencast mining operations primarily in the chrome industry

  • 1989 - Further expansion occurred in the construction industry

  • 1984 - The group branched out into civil construction work

  • 1981 - A company providing construction services formed

The PURPOSE of Benhaus

To grow our hard rock opencast mining business in South Africa and the neighbouring territories; and
to diversify further, from our current mining of chromitite, platinum and limestone as well as coal, into other commodities
building strong foundations through giving attention to our corporate structural matters and the total, overall wellness of our employees;
providing excellent, safe, cost effective and cost efficient services to our customers; and
uplifting, training and improving the lives of the local communities
for the benefit of all of our stakeholders.

Management Principles

Benhaus subscribes to the Management System of Samson & Challis. Each principle is managed in the fashion set out below:







Increasing shareholders’ value
Increasing dividend payouts
Ensuring profitability
Keeping the business secure
Increasing stakeholders value with specific emphasis on our customers
Providing profitable employment for our staff
Personal satisfaction
Complying and investing in BBBEE

Code of Ethics and Business Principles

We are committed to fair dealing and to maintaining the highest possible levels of integrity.

This commitment flows from our CEO, down through our group, who believes business should be conducted honestly, fairly and legally.

The Code of Ethics is distributed to our staff and all employees are expected to share our commitment to the highest levels of courteous, moral, ethical and legal standards.

Product Range

We have already given a brief overview of our products. We do, however, list them again with some additional information: Opencast mining of Chrome, Platinum, Gold, Lime and Coal.


In addition to the above products, we are able to provide the following services on a ‘stand-alone’ basis or as an ‘add on’ to a contract.

Civil works on the mine Plant rental of mine equipment Transport of equipment.

We have our own in-house transport division. We are therefore able to move ore which we have mined on behalf of various customers.

In addition to this we transport our own heavy machinery and equipment that needs to be deployed, redeployed or repaired.

Within the wider Benhaus Group of companies there are facilities to provide underground mining services.

Ben Botha


Benhaus has kept its management structure simple in order to promote easy communication amongst the staff. The Benhaus Top and Senior Management team and the specialists from various departments who support them under the leadership of our CEO Herman Botha, COO Gustav Heuer and Director Themba Khumalo.

We ensure we apply effective recruitment methods to enable us to acquire the best possible talent as well as retain these skills to create a secure company environment for our staff and maintain a healthy company culture under our Senior members.

How We Started

The name Benhaus has been developed over the last 30 years and has become synonymous with the hard rock Opencast Mining Industry in South Africa. Benhaus evolved from a proud history in Transport and Civil Construction into the hard rock Opencast Mining Contractor that it is today.

Benhaus founder, Mr Ben Botha, has more than 30 years of experience in the main disciplines of the Benhaus Group of Companies.

Key Personnel